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“Nobody comes here anymore. It’s too crowded.”

-Yogi Berra


Biden campaigned on easing immigration controls and has done an extraordinary job fulfilling his promise. A record number of illegal immigrants have flooded into the country during his time in office.

So far in 2022 alone, more than 1.2 million illegal aliens have been apprehended and released into the United States.

D.C. Mayor Panics

While the Biden administration continues to ignore the border crisis in southwestern states, the nation’s capital is starting to understand how illegal immigration can affect a city’s resources and infrastructure.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser requested activation of the D.C. National Guard to handle the growing number of migrants traveling to the capital.

Since April, over 150 buses from Texas and Arizona have transported 4,000 migrants to the nation’s capital.

Illegal Immigrants Shipped to N.Y.C and D.C.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has already sent 45 buses of migrants to Washington D.C. and is ready to send 10 times that number to get the Biden administration to pay attention to the crisis at the southern border.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, following the lead of Abbott, has transported over 900 illegal aliens to Washington D.C.

In 2021, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis sent a letter to the Biden administration demanding they cease sending illegal aliens to Florida. DeSantis has set aside $8 million to transport illegal immigrants out of Florida to Delaware, Biden’s home state.

N.Y.C. Mayor Eric Adams says migrants are overloading the city’s homeless shelters. These migrants were sent to N.Y.C by the Biden administration on secretive nighttime flights to 2 airports in N.Y.C.

Under the DeBlasio administration, N.Y.C. established a “right to shelter” mandate which entitles all illegal immigrants to a space in a shelter. In the first six months of 2022, about 3,000 asylum seekers have entered the city’s shelter system, straining a system that was already at capacity.

The Biden administration is also filling up Maine hotels to house illegal immigrants. Casco Bay Inn in Freeport, Maine and The Quality Inn in South Portland, Maine have been housing illegals for months.


On July 5, a handful of Texas counties declared the ongoing border crisis an “invasion” and called on Governor Abbott to do the same, citing constitutional authority for states to act in self-defense in the face of federal inaction. Declaring an “invasion” would enable state law enforcement to arrest and expel illegal immigrants.

In February, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich issued a legal opinion affirming that the border crisis constitutes an invasion.

Since the Biden administration has chosen to ignore existing immigration laws and, instead, to encourage illegal immigration, it may be up to the states to take over and enforce immigration laws.

Photo by Rick Obst

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