The percentage of Americans who think crime is getting worse is at a 50-year high. Most Americans blame the rise of Woke ideologies for the crime spike.

Trans Violence

It should come as no surprise that Audrey Hale, who identified as a man, and killed six at a Nashville Christian school in March 2023, was under care for an “emotional disorder.” According to a former clinic worker who specialized in transgenders, people who suffer from gender dysphoria also suffer from other mental disorders.

Recently there has been a surge in violent rhetoric by trans militant activists on Twitter in response to states restricting or banning the medical transitioning of minors.

The narrative after the Nashville Christian school massacre was the killer was a victim. Four days after the massacre, Biden reaffirmed that the “Transgender Day of Visibility” would take place on March 31.

Members of the trans community are a protected species. Never has such a tiny minority held such sway over a major political party, the media, and corporate America.

Stores Pulling Out of Crime-Infested Cities

The rampant crime and spiraling homeless problem in Seattle, Washington got so bad that in January 2023, after 26 years of operation, Nike permanently shut down its flagship store.

In March 2023, Walmart closed its last 2 stores in crime-plagued Portland, Oregon after a spike in losses related to theft.

In April 2023, Walmart announced it will close four of its eight locations in Chicago. Walmart said that in 17 years they have never made a profit in Chicago and suggested that if the remaining four stores remain unprofitable, they too will be closed.

In April 2023, Cracker Barrel announced it would be closing its three locations in the Portland area. Crime and homelessness have been growing issues in Portland over the last couple of years.

Whole Foods closed its flagship San Francisco store after only a year because of deteriorating street conditions, drug use, and crime near the store.


A strong rule of law and individual liberty are the cornerstones of Western civilization.

History is full of examples, from Rome to the Ottoman Empire, which shows that a deteriorating rule of law is a leading indicator of a civilization in decline.

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