George Soros and his son Alex have a vision for America and the world. Their vision is a world of Marxist-driven culture, anti-Americanism, soft-on-crime-district attorneys (DAs), and LGBTQ fanaticism.

With the help of Biden, the DAs they have put into office, and a new school they helped form to train radicals how to abolish the police, the Soros team has made significant progress toward achieving their goals.

Soros Funds School to Train Radicals How to Eradicate Police

Soros has contributed millions to launch an “Abolition School” that teaches radicals how to abolish police and prisons.

The Du Bois Movement School for Abolition & Reconstruction, based in Philadelphia, is teaching “aspiring revolutionaries” how to dismantle “oppressive” institutions.

Soros District Attorneys Control Half of America

American cities across the country are experiencing a massive rise in crime. The cities with the highest crime rates have something in common. They all have DAs who were elected with financial assistance from Soros.

Soros has spent over $40 million in the past decade to place liberal soft-on-crime prosecutors in half of America’s largest cities.

In September, Soros-backed Cook County DA Kim Foxx praised Illinois for becoming the first state to eliminate bail. People arrested for a crime do not have to pay bail to be released. Many released criminals will commit crimes again within hours of their release.

Control of Biden

In backing Biden for president, Soros has the perfect puppet to support his agenda.

George and Alex provided maximum donations to Bidens’ campaign during the second quarter of 2023. They will likely provide considerable amounts to Biden’s re-election efforts in 2024. During the 2020 election, George and Alex were two of the largest Biden campaign donors.

Alex, who recently took control of the multi-billion-dollar Open Society Foundation his father founded, has visited Biden’s White House at least 20 times since Biden took office in 2020.


George Soros is not welcome in his home country of Hungary, where the government passed a “Stop Soros Law” in 2018. The Hungarian government believed Soros was attempting to destroy their country.

Former NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, “George Soros is a major reason for the systematic decline of American law enforcement.”

Dan Schneider of the Media Research Center warned, “The American people must understand that if they do not wake up and take action, George Soros will win, and his vision of the world will be implemented.”

Photo by Sasha Maksymenko


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