George Soros has a vision for America and the world. His vision is a world of Marxist-driven culture, Anit-Americanism, soft-on-crime judiciary, and LGBTQ fanaticism.

Soros has made significant progress toward achieving his vision.

Control of the Criminal Justice System

American cities across the country are experiencing a massive rise in crime. The cities with the highest crime rates have something in common. They all have district attorneys [DAs] who were elected with financial assistance from George Soros.

Soros has spent over $40 million in the past decade to place liberal soft-on-crime prosecutors in half of America’s largest cities.

It does not cost much to get elected to a prosecutor’s office compared to other elected offices. When the DAs office is acquired, enormous influence is gained. Instead of trying to change the law, Soros has prosecutors elected who will ignore the law.

Alameda County, California elected Pamela Price is its new DA in 2022. Price had taken hundreds of thousands of dollars from Soros for her campaign.

One of her first actions was to cut a plea deal with a killer who had been arrested for a triple murder for hire, was accused of murdering a court witness, and several other violent crimes. Rather than the 75 years to life sentence that the criminal was eligible for, Price wanted to give him just 15 years. Thankfully, a county judge stepped in and rejected the deal.

While campaigning for the DAs office, Price repeatedly said her belief was the way to reduce violent crime was not by prosecuting criminals, but by “engaging with a community-based organization.”

Soros Places Liberal on Wisconsin Supreme Court

Janet Protasiewicz’s victory in April 2023 in the Wisconsin supreme court race amounted to a political earthquake in Wisconsin. Her election shifts the Wisconsin seven-member supreme court from conservative to liberal.

The race was the most expensive in U. S. history, with spending topping $42 million, triple the previous record for an American judicial election.

Soros made a $1 million donation to the campaign. Illinois Governor Pritzker also made a $1 million donation and LinkedIn founder Reid Hoffman donated $2 million to the campaign.

Soros-Funded NYC DA Indicts Trump

Alvin Bragg is the DA for NYC who campaigned on the promise that if elected he would indict Donald Trump. His campaign was financed by Soros.

J. D. Vance, an American venture capitalist and Senator for Ohio said “Bragg is bought by George Soros. Bragg allows violent criminals to walk the streets of NYC but will prosecute the likely Republican nominee for president on a baseless misdemeanor charge.”

The Southern District of New York opted out of charging Trump on this matter and the Federal Election Commission tossed out its investigation into this matter in 2021. Bragg knows he has no case. This is a blatant attempt to interfere with an election by slandering the top candidate for the Republican Party.


Former NYC Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said, “George Soros is a major reason for the systematic decline of American law enforcement.”

Dan Schneider of the Media Research Center warned, “The American people must understand that if they do not wake up and take action, George Soros will win, and his vision of the world will be implemented.”

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