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“The world order needs a major overhaul.”

-George Soros


American cities across the country are experiencing a massive rise in crime. Most of the cities with the highest crime rates have something in common. They all have district attorneys [DA’s] who were elected with help from left-wing billionaire George Soros.

Soros, the most prolific Democratic donor, has been pumping money into an effort to overhaul the criminal justice system by giving millions to a network of woke prosecutors. Soros chose the office of DA as his vehicle for social change.

Open Society Foundation

Forbes Magazine in March 2020 listed Soros as the 162nd richest person in the world, with a net worth of $8.3 billion.

Soros has used his fortune to create the Open Society Foundation. The Open Society Foundation is a network of foundations, partners and projects in more than 120 countries.

Mexican Lawsuit

Mexico has filed a lawsuit against U.S.-based firearm manufacturers. Mexico is seeking $10 billion in damages alleging the firearm manufacturers are responsible for “massive damage” that is “destabilizing” their country.

14 state attorney generals in the United States have sided with Mexico in this lawsuit against U.S. firearm manufacturers. A common thread among these 14 attorney generals is they have all received funding from Soros.

Soros’s Open Society Foundation has published a report titled, “Gun Control in the United States” calling for bans on handguns and a licensing scheme that would put every gun owner into government-run registries.

Los Angeles

George Gascon took office as Los Angeles County DA in December 2020. His largest donor was George Soros who contributed $2.5 million to Gascon’s campaign.

Steve Cooley, former three-term Los Angeles County DA said of the increased crime over the last few years, “In many cases, if they had a real prosecutor in Los Angeles, those crooks would have been in prison. Every category of crime is up and some categories, like homicides, are way up.”

Gascon is currently facing a recall petition spurred by his lenient stance on crime. The LA Association of Deputy District Attorneys, a union which represents LA county prosecutors, voted an overwhelming 98 percent to recall Gascon.

Gascon has also proven unpopular with local law enforcement. LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva has argued that Gascon has failed to perform his duties.


The Soros-backed DA Jose Garza took office in 2020, and in 2021 the Texas city had a staggering 85 percent increase in homicides. Soros contributed $652,000 to Garza’s campaign.

In February 2022, a Texas grand jury indicted 19 Austin police officers on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon during the May 2020 Geroge Floyd protests. The city council approved a $10 million settlement for two protesters who suffered head injuries from beanbag rounds fired by police during the riots.

According to Justin Berry, one of the officers indicted, and a Republican candidate for the Texas House of Representatives, “This is a political agenda with a radical liberal district attorney. They can not defund us so they are going to de-police us by sending us to prison.”

Berry went on to say “We were responding to a riot. People were throwing Molotov cocktails and frozen water bottles at us. They were engaging in criminal activity and obstructing the passage road to the main hospital. Our actions were not unlawful by any means.”

Both the Austin City Police chief and Austin Police Association president have come out in support of the indicted officers.


George Soros has put millions of dollars into efforts aimed at dismantling the police.

One of his longtime initiatives had been to elect prosecutors throughout the country. It is estimated Soros has pumped $28 million into prosecutor races since 2015.

Compared to other offices, you do not have to spend very much money to get elected to a prosecutor’s office and when you gain the office you have an enormous influence over who gets prosectued and charged with crimes.

Acccording to former New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, “George Soros is a major reason for the systematic decline of American law enforcement.”

Photo by Norwegian Mission

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