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“When I went to elementary school they taught us the ABC’s, not the LGB’s.”


In 2014, after Michael Brown was fatally shot by police, “Stay Woke” became the watchword of Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists to protest police brutality.

Today woke includes any of a number of progressive ideologies embraced by radical liberals.

Woke ideologies are based on Marxist theories that divide society into “oppresors” and “the oppressed.”

Critical Race Theory

The main tenet of Critical Race Theory (CRT) is that white people are oppressors who benefit from undeserved advantages. Whites are considered guilty of having set up a system of systemic racism. CRT is rooted in the Marxist theory of class struggle.

In September 2020, then-President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning CRT training in the workplace and schools. The White House described CRT as “anti-American propaganda.”

The CRT ideology has been embraced by President Biden and his administration. Upon entering the White House, Biden reversed Trump’s executive order and pushed CRT training on all fronts.

Biden’s position has triggered widespread pushback from lawmakers and parents. Polls show the vast majority of Americans strongly oppose CRT and are coming forward in opposition to CRT being taught in the classroom.

Many states have created laws prohibiting schools from teaching students that an individual is inherently racist by virtue of their race.

The Rise of Transgender Children

Another woke trend being promoted in schools is enabling children to claim to be a different gender.

A mother from Wayne, Pennsylvania said “Our children need consent to take Tylenol at school, but schools will allow children to change their names and bathroom choices without telling the parents.”

The number of youths between the ages of 18 to 24 who identify as transgender has soared from 1.8 percent in 2017 to 39 percent today. The LGBT message is everywhere and it is targeting young people.

The U.S. Department of Education recently issued orders to schools that receive federal funding for school lunches. The new orders informed them that in order to continue to receive federal funds they must allow males, who claim to be female, access to female bathrooms, showers and sleeping areas.

Parents Rights

Responding to sexualization of children in schools, lawmakers across the nation are passing legislation to give parents more control over what their children are exposed to in the classroom.

The trend began last year in Florida when lawmakers passed the “Parent Bill of Rights” which prohibits abortions or sex changes without the parents’ knowledge. The bill also ensures that parents have access to their children’s curriculum and records and allows parents to opt out of controversial lessons.

Woke Disney Implodes

The woke warriors who now run Disney fought the passage of Florida’s “Parents Bill of Rights.” Given Disney’s core business model of “family friendly entertainment for children,” Disney’s backing of radical sexual indoctrination of young children caused a seismic backlash from customers.

A Trafalgar poll released in April showed that 70 percent of respondents are now “less likely” to do business with Disney.

Disney stock has dropped about 30 percent since the company announced, in March 2021, their oppositon to Florida’s “Parents Bill of Rights.”

Elon Musk Slams Wokeness

In an interview with the conservative satire site The Babylon Bee, Elon Musk said “At its heart, wokeness is divisive, exclusionary and hateful. It basically gives mean people a shield to be mean and cruel, armored in false virtue.”

A group of woke employees at SpaceX, a company Musk is CEO and majority owner of, circulaterd an open letter to the 2,500 employees saying tht Musk was an embarrassement and demanded that Musk be “more inclusive.”

Within 24 hours, the self-appointed guardians of inclusive corporate culture were fired.

Bidens Woke Military

Just days after assuming office in January 2021, Biden opened the armed services to “transgenders.” As expected, the military focus shifted from winning wars to promoting “diversity.”

Biden is expanding on programs that flourished under Obama. Biden has pushed priorities that have nothing to do with the traditional training of soldiers to be effective in combat.

Time spent learning about CRT instead of learning how to fire weapons with precision or how to scale obstacles with full body gear comes at a price. Many service members disagree with the new policies, but they operate within a command structure that does not ask them for their opinion.


Woke ideology will destroy itself because it is not grounded in truth.

A sign that people are starting to see the flaws in woke ideology is that mainstream comedians are making jokes about woke ideas. The best way to take power out of something is to mock it.

Comedian Bill Maher has repeatedly called out the elite left for their woke ideas and says they are providing a lot of material for his jokes.

Photo by Bad Wolf

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