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“Don’t bother me with the facts when my mind is made up!”

-Samuel Goldwyn


Prior to the 2020 presidential election, many predicted that the unprecedented widespread use of mail-in ballots would facilitate fraud. The pandemic wa conveniently used to justify sending mail-in ballots nation-wide to every citizen on the voter rolls.

The voter rolls were not current and contaied the names of many people who had moved or died.

A 2005 bipartisan commission, led by former President Jimmy Carter (D) and former White Huuse Chief of Staff James Baker (R), had concluded that mail-in ballots “remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.”

General Flynn Analysis

General Michael Flynn believes the reason the November 3, 2020 election continues to fester is because people of all backgrounds are convinced there was fraud.

BELLWETHER COUNTIES. In 2020, Trump carried 18 of the 19 bellwether counties. In the previous 10 presidential elections these 19 counties voted for the ultimate winner. Incredibly, in 2020, they voted for the candidate who allegely later lost the general election.

SHARE OF PRIMARY VOTES. How a candidate does during the primaries is an indication of how they will fare in the general election. Biden was trounced in the 2020 Democratic primaries in Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. These states have historically been strong indicators of how a candidate will fare in the general election.

Rigged Dominion Voting Machines

Dominion Voting Systems is the second largest vendor of voting machines in the United States.

In the 2020 presidential election, devices manufactured by Dominion were used to process votes in 28 states, including most of the swing states.

At a Cyber Symposium last summer, computer experts and investigators from around the country demonstrated the ease with which Dominion machines could be hacked into and votes switched from one candidate to another.

Texas officials had concerns about Dominion machines efficiency and reliability when they rejected their use in January 2020. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said, “We found repeated software and hardware issues. It was determined they were not accurate and had a vulnerability to fraud and unathorized manipulation.

In May 2022, the results of an Election audit in Otero County, New Mexico were presented.

What was revealed was that models of Dominion machines used in Otero County had the capability of remote access from outside sources. The machines had a feature that would allow ballots to be filled out by the machine itself.

Wisconsin Special Counsel Finds Massive Misconduct

Special Counsel Michael Gableman concluded his 6-month investigation and released his report in March 2022, which alleges numerous instances of lawbreaking in Wisconsin during the 2020 election.

Gableman, a former justice of the Wisconsin Supreme Court, was hired last summer by the Republican Speaker of the State Assembly, Robin Vos, to investigate suspected election fraud during the 2020 presidential election.

Among the violations cited in Gablemans report:

(1) Unstaffed absentee ballot drop-boxes.

(2) The Wisconsin Elections Commission ordered election officials to disregard statutes that regulate absentee voting.

(3) Mark Zuckerberg illegally paid Democatic political operatives to take over administration of the election in five of Wisconsin’s largest cities.

(4) Rampant fraud in nursing homes where staff illegally assisted residents in marking their ballots.

Biden was declared the winner of Wisconsin’s popular vote by 20,000 votes.


The FBI ignored massive evidence of Democratic Party ballot trafficking operations in every major battleground state.

The FBI knew the following and did not investigate:

(1) Millions of ballots were without proper chain of custody.

(2) Republican observers were blocked from counting rooms.

(3) Republican leaders, including Rudy Giuliani and Corey Lewandowski, were blocked from Pennsylvania counting rooms as Biden, after most of the votes had been counted, overcame a 700,000 vote deficit to beat Trump.

(4) Video footage and proof of hundreds of coordinated and paid Democratic ballot traffickers.

(5) Legal affidavits from thousands of poll workers alleging misconduct.

2000 Mules

“2000 Mules” is a documentary by Dinesh D’Souza that examines the way leftist organizations used activists (Mules) to stuff ballots in the 2020 presidential election and in the 2020 Georgia run-off election that handed the Senate to the Democrats.

Through FOIA requests, videos were obtained showing people stuffing multiple ballots into drop boxes. Their data revealed that 2,200 mules in 5 cities, visited 20 to 45 drop boxes each, at which they dropped off an average of 5 ballots in each drop box.


Texas Governor Greg Abbott told Fox News, “There are audits of every aspect of government. Businesses that are public companies are subject to an annual audit. Why do people raise their hands in concern when we audit elections, which are fundamental to our democracy?”

Photo by Nic Kipke

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