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“Don’t bother me with the facts when my mind is made up!”

-Samuel Goldwyn


A 2005 bipartisan commission, led by former President Jimmy Carter (D) and former White House Chief of Staff James Baker (R), concluded that mail-in ballots “remain the largest source of potential voter fraud.”

The pandemic was conveniently used as an excuse to require mail-in ballots be sent nationwide to every citizen on the voter rolls. The voter rolls were not current and contained the names of many people who had moved or died.

Election fraud has been going on in this country for centuries with new and creative techniques being developed as opportunities present themselves.

Voter Fraud is a Proven Tactic

In 2008, the Supreme Court upheld Indiana’s voter ID law. The Court’s reasoning was “flagrant examples of fraud have been documented through this Nation’s history by respected historians and journalists. Not only is voter fraud real but it can affect the outcome of close election.”

Drop Boxes

In July, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that unmanned drop boxes used to collect absentee ballots during the 2020 presidential election were illegal.

The drop boxes were funded by Mark Zuckerberg and collected absentee votes in 5 of the swing state’s biggest cities for a political race that was decided, in Biden’s favor, by only 20,000 votes.

In the documentary “2000 Mules” videos were obtained showing people stuffing multiple ballots into drop boxes. The documentary revealed that 2,200 mules (hired hands) in 5 cities, each visited 20 to 45 drop boxes and dropped off an average of 5 ballots in each drop box. That translates into 220,000 to 495,000 fraudulent ballots.

In Arizona, where the Senate race is very close, Democrats have filed a lawsuit to prevent people from monitoring the drop boxes. They will likely find that such a broad restraining order is unconstitutional.

Unverified Ballots

One day after Pennsylvania House Republicans asked the Secretary of State, Leigh Chapman, why she had mailed out 240,000 unverified ballots, Chapman said to expect the midterm election results to be delayed. The implication is that it takes time to “harvest” those ballots and make sure they are filled out for the :proper: candidate.

Postal “Mail-In Ballot” Division

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) announced in July that it was creating the “Election and Government Mail Services” division.

The USPS delivered more than 135 million ballots in 2020 and feels it is necessary to have a special division dedicated to handling ballots and election material.

The postal service unions are democratic. The National Association of Letter Carriers and the American Postal Workers Union both endorsed Biden in 2020. Biden recently nominated three people to fill vacancies on the nine-member USPS board.

It would be easy for a dedicated special division of postal workers to delay mail-in ballots to conservative areas and “misplace” mailings of conservative campaigns.


In-person voting is the norm. It has always been the norm and needs to continue being the norm. The more boxes, bags, and hands a ballot has to pass through, the less confidence the voters have in the outcome.

Democrats are working harder to change the election system than to change voters’ minds because they do not care what voters think. They just want to win.

Photo by Nic Kipke

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