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“In America anyone can become President. That is the problem.”

-George Carlin


A poll conducted on January 12 by Quinnipiac University, widely considered one of the most accurate polling organizations, found that 58 percent of Americans believe “the nation’s democracy is in danger of collapse.”

Power Seized By Elite

Power is being seized by the elites in the Democratic Party, Social Media and Mainstream Media. This group of elites is forcing their view on the American people.

They are imposing their vision of the U.S. as racist, evil and oppressive and are having this vision taught to childern in schools.

Liberal extremists are destroying monuments, attacking free speech and censoring everything they disagree with.

A total revision of American history and implementation of progressive socialist values will take place in America if the current momentum continues unchecked.


In 1962 President John Kennedy said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

In 2016, Trump promised a revolution in governance and the American people voted him into office. For the next four years, the petrified elites threw everything they had at him, yet he persevered.

In 2020, the elites stole Trump’s election victory and installed their puppet in the White House.

The elites have shown themselves to be tyrants who are ready and willing to disregard the Constitution and turn America into an elite-driven totalitarian state.


A strong Rule of Law and Individual LIberty are the cornerstones of western civilization.

We are now regularly seeing government officials either ignoring the rules of law or inventing new rules to do whatever they want.

History is full of examples, from Rome to the Ottoman Empire, which show that a deteriorating rule of law is a leading indicator of a civilization in decline.

Photo by Danny

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