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“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”

-George Carlin


Coined in 2014 as a watchword for Black Lives Matter to protest police brutality, today “woke” includes many progressive ideologies embraced by Marxist liberals.

Woke ideologies are based on Marxist theories that divide society into “oppressors” and “the oppressed.”

Equity is Marxism Rebranded

Marxism has never worked as evidenced by the collapse of the Soviet Union, the deplorable human rights abuses in China and Cuba, and the utter disintegration of Venezuela’s economy.

The solution to this failure of Marxism is to invent a new label that will appeal to the masses.

Enter the latest rebranding of Marxism: Equity. Many are inclined to embrace “Equity” because it sounds good. It sounds a lot like “Equality.”

If the equity czars get their way, we will have doctors, lawyers, and other professionals whose main qualifications are not ability but rather membership in an “oppressed” group.

Woke & Broke Disney

The woke warriors at Disney are backing radical sexual indoctrination of young children. Given Disney’s core business model of “family-friendly entertainment for children,” this posture on sex and transgenderism has received a seismic backlash from customers.

Last summer Disney released “Lightyear,” the newest film in the “Toy Story” franchise. Tim Allen was replaced by liberal activist Chris Evans and featured a same-sex kiss. The movie is the lowest -grossing film in the franchise and has been declared a “bomb.”

Last fall Disney released “Strange World” which featured the first openly LGBTQ teenaged Disney character. The film lost around $147 million.

In February 2023, Disney slashed 7,000 employees in mass layoffs. Disney also announced a 2.4 million subscriber loss in its streaming service.

Despite this rejection by customers of their embrace of wokeism, Disney launched a new kid’s cartoon in February 2023 “The Proud Family.” The show is a revival of an early 2000s animated show about kids growing up. The new show contains elements of Critical Race Theory, identifies a white character as guilty of “white fragility,” and denounced Abraham Lincoln for not caring about slavery.

Lay Off of DEI Workers

DEI positions have been among the hardest hit at Big Tech companies. Companies have come to understand that DEI positions are not needed for a company to function and do not produce anything of value.

Woke & Broke Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley Bank collapsed on March 10, 2023, after disclosing a $1.8 billion loss.

Ms. Jay Ersapah, the Chief Risk Officer for Silicon Valley Bank in Europe, Africa, and the Middle East organized a range of LGBTQ initiatives, including a month-long Pride campaign. She also served as a panelist at the bank’s Global Pride town hall to share her experience as a lesbian of color.

One critic of the bank noted that the Board of Directors was filled with “diversity” hires who were there because of their woke credentials.

In the years before its collapse, Silicon Valley Bank donated over $73 million to Black Lives Matter-related social justice groups.


Woke ideology will destroy itself because it is not grounded in truth. A sign that people are starting to see the flaws in woke ideology is that mainstream comedians are making jokes about it.

Comedian Bill Maher has repeatedly called out the elite left for their woke ideas and says they are providing a lot of the material for his jokes.

Photo by Bad Wolf

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