The Trump-Russia collusion hoax hatched by Hillary Clinnton’s 2016 campaign team has been officially debunked by the Durham report which was released in May 2023.

The Durham report reveals that Clinton operatives paid British spy Christopher Steele to manufacture a dossier and then gave the phony dossier to anti-Trump agents at the FBI. These Trump-hating agents used the bogus information to hatch a plot to block Trump from becoming president.

Soros District Attorney Issues Sham Indictment

The legal persecution of political opponents is a tool used by autocracies and tyrannies.

Alvin Bragg is a radical district attorney who was financed by George Soros and, as a candidate, boasted he would go after Trump.

Braggs sham indictment is just one more abuse among a long string of attacks by our judicial system on Trump and his agenda.

Under Braggs leadership, NYC crime has skyrocketed by over 27% in 2022, fueled by his having lowered 52% of all felony charges to misdemeanors. His focus is on political agendas rather than stopping actual criminals.

Whistleblowers Expose Weaponized FBI

Several whistleblowers have come forward to accuse the FBI of being weaponized for political gain.

According to former special agent Garrett O’Boyle, “a lot” of agents share this concern but remain quiet for fear of being “crushed” by the government.

On May 18, O’Boyle testified before a House committee that he was the victim of retaliation for expressing concern over the politicization and weaponization of the FBI.

Durham Report Exposes Weaponized FBI

John Durham was appointed by then-Attorney General William Barr in October 2020 to review the 2016 FBI investigation of alleged ties between former President Donald Trump and Russia.

Durham released his final report in May 2023 which concluded that the intelligence community did not possess any actual evidence of collusion between Trump and Russia. The FBI relied on “raw, unanalyzed, and uncorroborated intelligence” for its investigation.

Justice Department Sued Over Refusal to Release Documents

American First Legal (AFL) filed a lawsuit in July 2021 against the Department of Justice (DOJ) to compel them to release documents related to the Biden administration political appointees.

According to AFL, “Biden continues to weaponize the DOJ against law-abiding citizens who disagree with his political agenda making it important for the public to know who has been planted in the DOJ.”

Senator Ted Cruz (R – TX) stated in 2022 that the political weaponization of federal agencies began with President Barack Obama and is “profoundly dangerous.” Cruz further asserted that “now with Joe Biden as president the weaponization has fully metastasized into the most political and abusive DOJ our country has ever seen.”

FBI Uses Undercover Agents to Investigate Catholic Church

According to Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, who chairs the House Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, the FBI used at least one undercover agent to obtain information about Catholics. The agents’ mission was to investigate a supposed link between Catholics and the far-right white nationalist movement.

According to Jordan, “The FBI sought to enlist Catholic houses of worship as sources to monitor and report on their parishioners.”


According to Alan Dershowitz, professor emeritus at Harvard Law School, “The FBI and CIA saw Trump as a danger and were prepared to distort the Constitution to get their partisan, political way.”

The scholar also commented on the recent revelation that an open letter signed by dozens of former senior intelligence officials ahead of the 2020 presidential election turned out to be false. The letter framed the Hunter Biden laptop story published by the New York Post as Russian disinformation.

“The FBI investigation into the Trump campaign is unprecedented in our history,” Dershowitz said, “There have to be consequences to the people who were involved. I am glad there are going to be hearings.”

Photo by Amish Schulze


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