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“There is no vaccine against Stupidity.”

-Albert Einstein


Citizens rely on health regulators and the media to look out for their wellbeing. In 2020, democracy collapsed as the regulators and media pivoted in a lockstep assault against public health, free speech and personal freedom.

The world’s population was herded by fear tactics into taking a new vaccine that had been so poorly tested that manufacturers refused to produce it unless they were shielded from liability.

Debate about the best way to handle the pandemic was suppressed. Criticism of the “official” view, promoted by government health officials, was banned as “misinformation.”

The world was told to stay home and get vaccinated with a new, untested, experimental vaccine.

Fauci & Big Pharma

Standing in the middle of this chaos was the trusted public face of the health official put in charge of resolving the COVID problem, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Fauci, having spent 50 years as America’s top health advisor, was positioned to wield power enjoyed by few rulers in history.

Fauci’s narrow focus on the use of experimental vaccines as the only cure for COVID, provided staggering profits for the pharmaceutical industry [Big Pharma], but did little to resolve the COVID problem.

In 2020, Fauci knew there were safe medicines available to treat COVID, but he wanted to roll out the new vaccines his Big Pharma associates had developed. Fauci would not be able to get Emergency Use Approval [EUA] for the new experimental vaccines if there were safe treatments already available.

In 2020, Dr. Robert McCullough identified effective treatments for COVID which used already existing medicines. He published a paper which became widely distributed. McCullough was quickly banned from all social media platforms.

In his book “The Real Anthony Fauci” Robert Kennedy Jr. documents how Big Pharma has captured and controls the government agencies that were created to regulate them.

Fauci And His Minions

During his 50-year career, Fauci has developed a network that enables him to enforce his agenda.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC), which owns over 60 vaccine patents, would not perform autopsies on deaths related to the COVID jab and would not follow up on claims of injury from the jab.

The New York Times interviewed CDC officials who admitted they had been hiding data on negative reactions to COVID vaccines. Withholding data on experimental vaccines is scientific fraud.

Bill Gates bragged about how much money he made off the COVID outbreak. Gates had a large stake in Gilead, the maker of Remdesivir (REM). REM did poorly in testing, but Fauci declared REM a miracle cure for COVID, and got EUA in 2020. It was later revealed that REM caused kidney failure.

The Food & Drug Administration (FDA), which gets 45 percent of its budget from Big Pharma, sent out an alert in June 2020 that Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), which had been on the market for decades and was found effective in treatng COVID, was dangerous and could not be prescribed for COVID.

The FDA approved the Pfizer jab, despite the fact that in trials the Pfizer vaccinated group had 4 times the number of lethal heart attacks.

The World Health Organization (WHO), for which the Gates Foundation is the second largest funder, in June 2020 ordered that HCQ not be used to treat COVID.

Fauci, the Biden administrations top delegate to the WHO, is behind a move to expand the power of the WHO.

Dr. Robert Malone

Fauci’s recommended COVID vaccines rely on messenger RNA, or mRNA. This is the first time that any mRNA vaccine has been ajpproved for human use.

Dr. Robert Malone is an expert in mRNA vaccine technology and is one of the most qualifed people in the world to talk about them. When he went on Social media to warn about the danger of taking mRNA vaccines, he was suspended from their platforms.

According to Dr. Malone “our government is out of control. Mandates of an experimental vaccine are explicitly illegal.”

Rise in Deaths & Permanent Disabilities

During the final four months of 2021, Americans aged 25 to 44 experienced a record-setting 84 percent increase in deaths.

Another stunning statistic is the rise in the permanently disabled. Thousands of Americans are getting disability after the introduction of the COVID vaccines.

This spike in deaths and disabilities happened while vaccines were aggressively promoted under the cover of the most massive propaganda and censorship campaign in history. All major mass media and social media companies coordinated to stifle discussion of the risks of the experimental vaccines.

New UK government data shows clearly that COVID vaccines kill more people than they save for all age groups.


Under Fauci’s reign, Big Pharma captured control of the regulators who were put in place to protect the American people. During his career, Fauci has consistently prioritized Big Pharma profits over public health.

In the words of Dr. Reiner Fullmich, founder of the German Corona Investigative Committee, which is suing the CDC, WHO and the World Economic Forum for violating the Nuremberg Code, “The COVID scandal is the greatest crime against humanity ever committed.”

Photo by Survival Brothers

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