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“The supreme act of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”

-The Art of War


John Ratcliffe, the former Director of National Intelligence, was quoted in the Wall Street Journal in December 2020, “China poses the greatest threat to America today, and the greatest threat to democracy and freedom world-wide since World War II. The intelligence is clear. Beijing intends to dominate the U.S. and the rest of the planet economically, militarily and technologically.”

Chinese Military Buildup

Beijing has the most powerful Navy and Air Force in the Pacific region. China has transformed what was an obsolete military into one that can challenge the U.S.

During a webinar hosted by the think tank “Hudson Institute” on February 16, retired Marine Major General Arnold Punaro said, “China has not only modernized their military, but they have quadrupled their military. We are spending more on our military in constant dollars than during the peak of the Reagan buildup, yet our fighting force is 50 percent smaller. We are drowning in bureacracy and waste.”

On June 24, Admiral John Aquilino, commander of the U.S. Indo-Pacific, said that China is undergoing the largest military buildup in their history.

American Military Weaker

On July 12, at a roundtable hosted by the “Hudson Institute” think tank, Mark Gunzinger, director at the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies said that as a result of “three decades of force cuts and delayed modernization, there is a huge gap between what our national defense requires and what can be provided.”

One of the most disturbing examples of decreased readiness is that only 50 percent of the military’s F18 Super Hornet jets are mission capable.

Chinese Nuclear Arsenal

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is building up its nuclear arsenal.

Peter Pry, a nuclear strategist specialist at the think tank “Center for Security Policy,” does not think China is building up its nuclear forces for deference but for global domination.

Pry said the U.S. is too slow in adapting to the threat, in no small part because of the deep financial ties many American businesses have with China.

Pry warned that the U.S. has taken a “30-year holiday” in modernizing its own nuclear arsenal, providing China the time to develop capabilities to match and overcome U.S. defenses.

Chinese Control of South China Sea

The CCP lays claim to almost all of the South China Sea, despite a 2016 ruling by an international court finding its territorial claims were unlawful. The South China Sea is one of the world’s major shipping routes.

According to U.S. Indo-Pacific commander Admiral John Aquilino, at least 3 of the islands have been fully militarized by China with anti-ship and anti-aircraft missile systems.

America Loses Solomon Islands

China has been courting the Solomon Islands in a bid to control the Indo-Pacific region.

In the clearest sign yet of how badly the American relationship has deteriorated, Solomon Island authorities refused a routine request by a U.S. Coast Guard vessel to dock for refueling on August 23.

As former allies in the Pacific view the U.S. as weak and China as strong, they are siding with China.

Chinese Control of Global Seaports

China has been developing a strategy to take control of seaports around the globe.

In addition to being home to 7 of the 10 busiest ports in the world, China either controls or has major investments in all 15 of the world’s top ports.

Chinese Control of International Organizations

China has obtained leadership positions on 4 of the United Nations 15 specialized agencies.

U.S. Representative Mike Rogers (R – Alabama) is the lead sponsor of a bill to end U.S. membership in the United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO).

The UN Commissioner for Human Rights has proven herself to be a puppet of the CCP and the WHO, led by a former communist leader backed by Beijing, has repeatedly parroted the CCP’s talking points.

China Has Bought American Elites

According to Peter Schweitzer, author of the book “Red-Handed: How American Elites Get Rich Helping China,” the CCP relies on a strategy of buying powerful figures in American politics and business to extend its influence.

“The strategy is to buy off the elites in the United States by giving them lucrative deals and special access to the Chinese market,” Schweitzer says.

The Biden family has received tens of millions of dollars from CCP-linked businesses.

On August 3, Representative Claudia Tenney (R – NY) told Fox & Friends that “Joe Biden is the most compromised President on China in American history. This is the guy who, when he was Vice President, flew on Air Force 2 with his son Hunter, and weeks later produced a huge contract with Hunter’s companies.”


Chad Wolf, then Acting Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, warned in a speech on December 2020 in Washington D.C. that “the CCP views the United States as a political and ideological threat and seeks to destroy the United States. Our struggle with the CCP is nothing short of a civilizational conflict.”

Photo by Caireen Burns

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