Dwarfing the assistance given by NATO and the EU, Biden to date has committed over $90 billion of taxpayer money to support Ukraine.

Leaked documents reveal that this massive spending has been done in the face of Biden knowing that Ukraine cannot win the war.

Biden Preparing for Ukraine Defeat

According to Richard Haass, the Council on Foreign Relations president, “If Ukraine can not gain dramatically on the battlefield, it will be time for a negotiated stop to the fighting.”

Recently leaked Pentagon papers revealed that Ukraine is expected to fall well short of its counteroffensive goals. Ukraine cannot cause Russian troops to retreat from where they are deeply rooted.

American Funds Wasted

A CBS documentary “Arming Ukraine” exposed how only 30 percent of weapons provided by Biden made it to the front lines.

The documentary explores where the billions of dollars of military aid that Biden sent to Ukraine has gone. Experts told CBS they had no idea where most of the money and weapons were going.

Rocked by Corruption Scandal

On January 24, 2023, the Ukrainian government confirmed the resignation of multiple high-ranking officials amid large-scale corruption allegations and a huge political shake-up over allegations of bribery, mismanagement of funds, and embezzlement.

Many of these disgraced officials oversaw the billions of dollars flowing from the Biden administration.


Ukraine President Zelensky oversees a country with a long history of corruption.

The Biden family has a history of corruption in Ukraine. Hunter Biden was on the payroll of a Ukraine energy company while his father, Joe, was Vice President. Hunter received a generous salary despite his having no knowledge or experience in the energy business.

President Biden is now recklessly sending American taxpayer money to Ukraine with no regard for how the money is spent, in whose corrupt Ukrainian official’s pockets the money ends up, or if the funding will lead to a Ukraine victory.

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