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“I know not with what weapons WW III will be fought, but WW IV will be fought with sticks and stones.”

-Albert Einstein


In a pre-dawn TV address in February 2022, Russian Vladimir Putin declared that Russia could not “feel safe, develop and exist” because of a constant threat from Ukraine. Putin then proceeded to launch a devastating attack, sending tanks, troops, and warplanes into major Ukrainian cities.

Massive Support From the West

NATO and the EU immediately began to send weapons to Ukraine.

Dwarfing the assistance given by NATO and the EU, Biden to date has committed over $91 billion to support Ukraine. This 9 month’s spending binge by Biden is more than Putin has available in his annual budget for the Russian military.

U. S. lawmakers do not know how the funds being sent to Ukraine are being spent. This extraordinary lack of oversight does not deter Biden from saying “the spending on Ukraine will continue indefinitely.”

NATO at the Center of the Conflict

Diplomats who oversaw post-Soviet negotiations with Russia in the 1990s knew that if NATO ever expanded to Russia’s border, it would lead to war. Russia would no more tolerate the expansion of NATO to its border than the U. S. would tolerate Russian missiles in Cuba.

During the Russian troop build-up before the invasion of Ukraine, rather than promising Russia that Ukraine would not be invited to join NATO, NATO leadership encouraged Ukraine to fast-track NATO membership.

Russia Annexes Ukraine Territory

In September 2022, Putin signed a treaty annexing four Ukrainian regions comprising 15 percent of Ukraine and vowed to use “all available” means to defend the annexed regions.

Nuclear Threat from Allied Russia and China

The U. S. nuclear arsenal and strategy have been designed to handle only one nuclear adversary: Russia.

Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world with 1,500 nuclear weapons and 6,000 warheads. The U. S. has the second-largest nuclear arsenal with 1,400 nuclear weapons and 5,500 warheads.

China is reported to have 350 nuclear weapons and Chinese warheads may be as high as 3,000. China’s leaders are increasing ties with Russia and the U. S. is not prepared for a nuclear challenge from a combined force of Russia and China.

Putin Prepared for a Possible Quick Exit

According to former Russian Chess Grandmaster and current political activist Garry Kasparov, “Putin controls more money than any other individual in the history of the human race.”

There are reports that, if a quick exit is required, Putin has stashed billions in the Central African Republic. An estimated $14.8 billion in cash and gold were sent for safekeeping in “underground warehouses” in the African country.


Ukrainian membership in NATO has never been a realistic option. Gaining membership in NATO would force the other 30 odd NATO nations, including the U. S., to declare war on Russian for invading Ukraine.

Ukraine President Zelensky, who oversees a country that has a history of corruption, is now demanding as a condition of settlement that Putin no longer be in power.

It has been reported in multiple sources that a deal had been worked out involving Putin pulling out of Ukraine with the condition that Ukraine not seek membership in NATO.

Calls for a negotiated peace are now being met with scorn by the Washington elites and their allies in the mainstream media.

Biden and Zelensky are stumbling and bumbling their way into a global conflict of epic proportions.

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