Biden campaigned on easing immigration controls and has done an extraordinary job fulfilling his promise. A record number of illegal immigrants and deadly drugs have flooded into the country during his time in office.

According to Art Arthur, a former federal immigration judge, the Biden administration is violating most of the Immigration Act and lying to Americans about the security of the border.

Biden is now taking the lies to a new level with an attempt to redefine “illegal immigrant.”

Record Number of Illegals

About 5.5 illegal immigrants have crossed U. S. borders since Biden took office. That is roughly the equivalent of the entire population of Ireland.

These record-breaking numbers are directly the result of open-border policies implemented by Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

In February 2023, a committee in the House of Representatives heard, for the first time during the Biden administration, from border patrol agents. Mayorkas tried, but failed, to block the border patrol agents’ testimony.

A border patrol agent from Arizona testified that in post-arrest interviews the most common response from the immigrants was they believed when Biden was elected, the law changed, and there was now an “open border.”

Biden Attempts to Redefine “Illegal”

In March 2023, The Washington Post and other news outlets featured articles applauding Biden for reducing illegal border crossings.

To create the illusion that illegal border crossing had plunged, Biden created a new way for illegal immigrants to gain access to the United States. By showing up at a port of entry, they could be “paroled” into the country without following the rules to enter legally.

Twenty states immediately sued the administration, claiming that this was an unconstitutional end-run around border laws.

In March 2023, a federal court ruled that Biden’s immigration parole program is illegal.

The court ruling starts by noting that the border was completely secure when Biden was sworn into office and as soon as Biden became president everything went to hell.

Biden’s illegal parole program only requires a 15-minute interview with a Border Patrol agent before an illegal immigrant is released into the country. 15 minutes is not even enough time for the agent to determine if the migrant has a criminal history in their home country.


The most important job of any leader is to protect the people and build a strong, confident nation. Biden has failed spectacularly on both counts.

To resort to a sleight of hand to fool the people into believing the border crisis has been resolved is pathetic.

According to former Commissioner of Customs Mark Morgan, “It is time for Congress to impeach Secretary Mayorkas, who has served as the chief architect of the open-border policies and continues to lie to the American people about it.”

Photo by Wira Utama


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