Election fraud has been going on in this country for centuries. In 2008, the Supreme Court upheld Indiana’s voter ID law. The Court’s reasoning was “flagrant examples of fraud have been documented throughout this nation’s history by respected historians and journalists. Fraud is real and can affect the outcome of a close election.”

A 2005 bi-partisan commission concluded that mail-in ballots are the largest source of potential voter fraud. To take advantage of this well-known fact, during the 2020 election the pandemic was used as an excuse to require mail-in ballots.

The 2020 Election

The 2020 election was a massive wake-up call for conservative Americans. In the months leading up to it, Democrats forced through changes to hundreds of laws and processes governing the running of elections.

The 2020 Democrat election plan was to flood the country with millions of unsupervised mail-in ballots and have the media and Big Tech suppress news that hurt the Bidens.

In Arizona, the law requires that ballots be received by 7 PM on election day. In Maricopa County, more than 20,000 ballots were delivered after election day. Over 19,000 of these late ballots were accepted. Biden won Arizona by only 10,457 votes.

In Wisconsin, Mark Zuckerberg illegally paid Democrat political operatives to take over the elections in five of Wisconsin’s largest cities. In July 2022, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that the unmanned drop boxes, funded by Zuckerberg, were illegal. Biden won Wisconsin by only 20,000 votes.

Intelligence Agencies Will Interfere in 2024 Election

Former Deputy National Security Adviser K. T. McFarland told Fox News that the deep state is going to rig the 2024 election following their success in 2020.

“We now have evidence that the FBI interfered in the 2016 election. They set out to destroy the Trump Administration when they failed to elect Hillary Clinton.”

“In 2020, the CIA got involved with agents claiming the Hunter Biden laptop was Russian disinformation. The intelligence agencies have gotten away with trying to rig two elections. They will surely try again in 2024.”

“The intelligence agencies and the Department of Justice are terrified that a Republican president with a Republican Attorney General will charge them with the crimes they have committed over the last eight years.”


In-person voting is the norm. It has always been the norm and needs to continue being the norm.

Americans want voting rules tightened up to make elections fairer and more transparent.

Democrats are working harder to change the election system than to change voters’ minds because they do not care what the voters think. They just want to win.

Photo by Nic Kipke


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