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“When I went to elementary school they taught us the ABC’s, not the LGB’s.”


In 2014, after the killing of Michael Brown in Missouri by police, “Stay Woke” became the watchword of Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists to stay alert to police brutality.

Today Woke includes any of a number of progressive ideologies embraced by the radical liberals.

Woke ideologies are based on Marxist theories that divide society into “oppressors” and the “oppressed.”

Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory (CRT) began in the legal community in the 1970’s. The core idea of CRT is that racism is not merely individual bias, but is embedded in legal systems, institutions and policies.

The main tenet of CRT is that all white people are oppressors who benefit from undeserved advantages. Whites are deemed guilty of having set up a system of systemic racism.

CRT is rooted in the Marxist theory of class struggle, but with focus on race.

CRT In The Classroom

In September 2020., then-President Trump signed an executive order banning CRT training in the workplace and schools. The White House described CRT as “anti-American propaganda.”

The CRT ideology has been embraced by President Biden and his administration. Upon entering the White House, Biden reversed Trump’s executive order and pushed CRT training on all fronts.

Biden’s position has triggered widespread pushback from lawmakers and parents.

Polls show the vast majority of Americans strongly oppose CRT and are coming forward in opposition to CRT being taught in the classroom.

Legislation to ban CRT in schools has passed in 7 states and bills are moving thorugh state legislatures in 16 other states to ban CRT in school curriculums.

These states are prohibiting schools from teaching students that one race is inherently superior to another race or that an individual is inherently racist by virtue of their race.

The Rise Of Transgender Children

A liberal trend being promoted in schools is enabling children to claim to be a different gender.

Ms. January Littlejohn of Tallahassee, Florida, a licensed mental health counselor, discovered that the school her 13-year old daughter attended was “glorifying and celebrating” transgender identities without notifying the parents.

A mother from Wayne, Pennsylvania said “Our children need consent to take Tylenol at school, but schools will allow children to change their names and bathroom choices without telling the parents.”

In a 2017 government survey of U.S. high school students, only 1.8 percent said they identified as transgender.

In a recent survey conducted by Arizona Christian University, youths aged 18 to 24 who referred to themselves as LGBT soared to 39 percent.

This huge increase in the number of young people identifying as LGBT illustrates the impact that establishment media exposure to LGBT issues and the relentless brainwashing at the academic level has had The LGBT message is everywhere and it is targeting young people.

A study from the American Academy of Pediatrics found that an alarming number of teens who idetntify as transgender have attempted suicide.

Parental Bill Of Rights

Responding to sexualization of children in schools, lawmakers across the nation are passing legislation to give parents more control over what their children are exposed to in the clasroom.

The trend began last year in Florida. Floridian lawmakers passed the “Parent Bill of Rights” in 2021, guaranteeing that parents have the right to direct the upbringing, education, health care and mental health of their children.

Among other measures, it prohibits abortions or sex changes without the parents’ knowledge. It also ensures that parents have access to their children’s curriculum and records and allows parents to opt their children out of controversial lessons.


A man who posts threads on social media under the pseudonym “Wokal Distance” believes that woke ideology will destroy itself because it is not grounded in truth.

A sign that people are starting to see the flaws in woke ideology is that mainstream comedians are making jokes about woke ideas. The best way to take power out of something is to mock it.

Comedian Bill Maher has repeatedly called out the elite left for their woke ideas and says they are providing a lot of material for his jokes.

Comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan has said that woke culture will eventually completely cancel white straight men.

The liberal woke agenda has tried to take poeple down an oppressive and dangerous path. They are not succeeding in converting people to their agenda. On the contrary they have succeeded in putting Republicans more in line with the average American’s values.

Photo by Henricksonc

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