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“The problem with political jokes, is that they get elected!”

-Henry Cate VII


In 2014, after the killing of Michael Brown in Missouri by police, “Stay Woke” became the watchword of Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists to stay alert to police brutality.

The Woke ideology is based on Marxist theories that divide society into opprssors” and the “oppressed.”

The U.S. Army, once led by men such as General George Patton, is preparing for war the modern way: with “gender identity” training that teaches soldiers how to treat “transgender” military personnel.

Just days after assuming office in January 2021, Biden opened the armed services to “transgenders.” As expected, the military focus has shifted from winning wars to promoting “diversity.”


The Woke ideology is based on Marxist theories that divide society into “oppressors” and the “oppressed.” Woke is sometimes used interchangeably with Critical Race Theory (CRT). They both claim that the evidence of oppression is the inequality that exists between the groups.

The main tenet of CRT is that all white people are oppressors who benefit from undeserved advantages. Whites are deemed guilty of having set up a system of systemic racism.

Boot Camp Training

The U.S. Navy will expand its boot camp training to include two additional weeks focused on racism. The changes mark the first major overhaul in decades.

The Navy’s focus on racism, hazing and extremism is yet another sign that the American military is more focused on “woke” culture than on defending the country and winning wars.

Promote Gender Equity

On the same day that Congress said they would provide $14 billion to Ukraine, Biden announced he would request $2.6 billion for programs that promote “gender equity” worldwide.

This is consistent with Biden’s stated policy of making gender equity “a cornerstone of my Administration.”

Elon Musk

In an interview with the conservative satire site The Babylon Bee, Elon Musk said “At its heart, wokeness is divisive, exclusionary and hateful. It basically gives mean people a shield to be mean and cruel, armored in false virtue.”


As the U.S. Air Force focuses on reducing bias and expanding diversity, their capabilty has sunk to 70 percent. The Air Force mission-capable readiness rates, as defined as the percentage of time an aircraft can fly and execute at least one mission, is now 30 percent below its optimum rate.

Photo by Bad Wolf

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